Waiting for your new senior living residence at a Life Plan Community like The Glen at Heather Farm can be an exciting experience; you probably can’t wait to start living in your new home and engaging in your community. While you’re waiting, however, you can use this time to maximize your preparation and take advantage of the opportunities presented to after putting your name to the waitlist. Here are some tips on what you can do today while you wait for your new home.

1. Learn how to downsize.

Moving to a senior living community means you’ll likely have to downsize, but downsizing can be tricky, especially when you’ve accumulated a lifetime’s worth of possessions. However, it’s an essential step that will help make your move much more manageable. The best way to begin is to start small; get started by removing duplicate items, clothing or other items you haven’t used in a year, or things that won’t fit in your new home.


2. Research the tax benefits of moving into a senior living community.

Moving to a Life Plan Community like The Glen at Heather Farm comes with numerous financial benefits, including a plan for care and potential tax breaks. Before you move, find financial advisors who can assist you in researching the financial aspects of moving to a Life Plan Community, such as entrance fees, tax breaks from selling your home, and a plan for long-term care.


3. Make a list of things you want to do as soon as you move in.

While you wait for your move-in date, create a must-do list of things you want to engage in when you move to The Glen at Heather Farm. Consider joining clubs and organizations that pique your interests or take classes to brush up on your skills.


4. Plan for the move.

Each passing day is a step closer to your move-in date, so take the opportunity to plan your big day carefully. Start by budgeting for moving services, preparing your home for sale, and gathering boxes and moving materials. The Glen at Heather Farm team will also assist you in planning the details of your move when your move-in date nears.

You can also begin designing your new residence by picking out furniture, planning the layout and finding ways to make the space yours.


5. Attend senior living community events.

Take advantage of event invitations and attend any events or gatherings The Glen at Heather Farm holds. You may meet new friends and enjoy social activities before moving in.


6. Start exploring your new neighborhood.

One of the best things you can do while you wait is to explore beautiful Walnut Creek and its diverse shopping, entertainment and cuisine. This will help you get a sense of the area, and you may even find a favorite local restaurant or attraction on one of your trips.


Your dream retirement lifestyle awaits.

While you may be eager to start your life at The Glen at Heather Farm, being on the waitlist provides you with the unique opportunity to prepare for life in your new home. You’ll have ample time to downsize, research financial benefits, plan your move-in date, attend community events and explore the surrounding area. Make the most of this significant transition and enjoy the journey as you wait for your new home.

If you haven’t joined the waitlist yet, there’s time. Contact us today to set up a meeting.